Market demand

The power industry mainly includes 6 fields including power grid, thermal power generation, hydropower generation, wind power generation, solar power generation and nuclear power generation.The key guarantee targets include production workshops, substations, converter stations, switching stations, control buildings, etc., which have the characteristics of wide area, many equipment, high value and great harm. Stability and reliability, joint defense, high anti-interference, low false alarm rate, and comprehensive protection are the core requirements for the construction of a security protection system in the power industry.

Program overview

The power global security solution establishes a reliable three-dimensional prevention and control system for the power industry, which can detect land and air intrusion targets (such as people, vehicles, drones, etc.). The scheme consists of a radar intelligent fusion perimeter warning system and a low-altitude defense anti-drone system. The perimeter warning system completes the accurate analysis of multi-dimensional information through the organic integration of millimeter wave radar and video processing technology at the signal level, and realizes high-precision real-time detection of perimeter intrusion behavior. The anti-drone system can detect and display intrusion targets in real time, monitor and analyze, locate and alarm, and deceive and drive away, providing a solid airspace protection layer for the power industry.

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