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Border and coastal defense is the first defense barrier on country's national border, covering ports, checkpoints, sea areas (seas, rivers, rivers), coastlines (mountains, Gobi, shrubs, forests), and requires extremely high security levels. In such a complex scenario, it is not only necessary to deal with traditional personnel security threats, but also new security threats such as unmanned equipment. Therefore, multi-sensor fusion technology, artificial intelligence technology and Internet of Things technology are used to realize the refinement, intelligence and scientificization of border and coastal defense, and further enhance the security of border and coastal defense in the process of continuous efficiency improvement.

Program overview
Sea Scene
The sea area three-dimensional defense warning system is a set of intelligent warning system with comprehensive defense of sea surface + seabed. Through radar + sonar and other equipment, it integrates edge Al deep learning algorithm to realize video tracking and alarm of intrusion targets, and accurately identify ships, submarines and frogmen. It is suitable for all-weather and all-day vigilance in important sea areas.
Shoreline Scene
Radar Video Vibration Intelligent Fusion Warning System is a radar vision + vibration fusion intelligent warning system. It integrates edge Al deep learning algorithm to realize video tracking and alarm of intrusion targets, accurately identify people, vehicles and other targets, and filter animals, trees and rainwater. It is suitable for all-weather and all-day vigilance of the perimeter and area of important places.At the same time, the jungle penetrating radar is customized and developed for the jungle scene to realize the detection, tracking and identification of targets in the complex jungle environment.
Port, Checkpoint Scene

The entrance and exit (AB door) vehicle management and control system is a vehicle hidden person detection system based on micro-vibration, bio-radar and visual imaging technology.
The system is applied to the import and export of vehicles at ports or checkpoints to quickly and accurately detect vehicle hiding persons, with no false negatives and extremely low false positives. At the same time, it can expand the function modules such as vehicle bottom scanning, license plate recognition, identity recognition, infrared temperature measurement, etc. to provide customized requirements.
The anti-drone system is mainly composed of drone detection equipment, tracking equipment and countermeasure equipment. The system is used in sensitive places such as ports or checkpoints, with multi-target detection, tracking and jamming functions, whitelisting functions, unattended support, and countermeasures against non-standard drones. The software provides SDK and API interface protocol, which can realize the integration with the existing security platform in important places, and realize the centralized display and unified management and control of various types of police information.

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