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Life detection and search device could be applied to various scenarios, such as the rescue in the earthquake, collapse and ruins by fire departments, municipal administrations, mine rescue institutes and other organizations, and the human (hiding in vehicle or container interlayer)presencedetection by Coast guard agency, prisons, customs, boundaries and ports, or the human detection behind a wall in military street battle, counter terrorism and reconnaissance.

         At present, the life detection and search devices are divided into four categories: video life detector, audio life detector, radar life detector and vibration-detecting device. Besides, there are also multi-sensors integrated detecting devices combined two different detection principles.

         Compared with audio and video life detectors, the radar life detector has high accuracy and fewer restrictions.

         Through transmitting and receiving electromagnetic wave, it could nondestructively detect and recognize the target properties such as the numbers, distance, direction, breath and heartbeat of targets. It adopts UWB radar technique to suppress RFI, with a lower working frequency to enhance the penetrability, a MIMO technique to realize microwave positioning and imaging, and the signal processing algorithm combined bio-medical engineering characteristics to realize the distinction of non-human targets.

         Radar life detector efficiently overcomes the inherent technique defects of audio, optical and infrared life detectors. Particularly in the rescue site with heavy noise, it could help rescuer rapidly, conveniently and efficiently determine the existence and the position of survivals, which would greatly enhance the rescue efficiency and reduce the blindness and efforts of rescue work, and play a great role in saving people’s life security.

         Our technology roadmap in life detection and search field:
         On basis of its portable radar life detector, it would further promote two –dimensional radar life detector and carried-type radar life detector in low-and-medium altitude, speed up the development of three-dimensional imaging radar, which would form a full series of radar life detection products to satisfy the growing needs from customers.

         When the life detector with the function of locking targets detects the electric field created by the ultra-low frequency which is emitted by human, the detection rod would automatically lock the electronic field and move with the human. The equipped laser spot would provide the operator with the direction of searching detection rod.   

    With the aids of computer and continuous training, the radar life detector could detect targets much more precisely and rapidly. It is widely applied in various scenarios.

    ▪ The rescue people could use it to search and find the victims buried in the rubbles of collapsed buildings.
    ▪ The policemen could use it to detect and determine the position of criminals and hostages, to provide decision-making reference for their actions.
    ▪ The inspection personnel in coast guard agency, prison, custom, boundary and port could use it to detect human (hiding in container inlayer or vehicles). With a detection range of 500m by long antenna, to help coast guard personnel detect the landing position of illegal immigrants.
    ▪ It could also be used for the detection of human behind a wall in military street battle, counter terrorism and reconnaissance.

    In the explosion occurred in Machangpingtown, Fuquancity,Guizhou province, on Nov. 1st,2011, radar life detectors were applied to rescue there.

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