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      CE100 through-wall radar, which is ultra-portable, handheld and durable, can provide critical information in real time about the existence and position of vital bodies behind the wall for the military street battle, police anti-terrorist and firefighting rescue. CE100 is easy to operate, able to penetrate the standard building materials and finish detecting within several seconds and will provide feedback of the position of vital bodies in the building at the first time.

    Product Features:
    ▪ Through-wall detection
    Reliable through-wall detection of common wall materials
    ▪ Easy to operate
    ▪ Simple software interface
    Provide clear and visual search results
    Man-machine design of one-handed operation greatly improve operating efficiency
    ▪ Ultra-Portable
    Small and portable, available for multi-way carry
    ▪ Strong adaptability to environment
    Work in all time, no natter daytime or night;
    Work in all weather, no matter rain, haze, snow and ice or swirling dust
    ▪ High real-time performance
    Detect and display the moving targets in real time



    Radar system

    UWB(ultra wide band) radar

    Antenna type

    Enhanced medium-coupling UWB antenna

    Work Frequency


    Through-wall detection distance

    Wall thickness


    Detection distance

    Static/moving objects: ≥15m/20m

    Detection distance cross the air

    Static/moving objects: ≥30m

    Penetrated materials

    Non-metal materials like concrete, soil, rock and the material with low water content

    Detection angle


    Detection accuracy


    Detection Model

    One-dimensional range

    Work temperature



    Search & rescue, handling emergency, public safety

    Appearance size & weight


    Radar Host





    Durable work time