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      DN-III+ portable radar life detector, based on the ultra-wideband radar principle, utilizes human motion Doppler echo effect carried by the nanosecond electromagnetic pulse to detect and display the moving or static survivors buried in the ruins to achieve the purpose of detection, search and rescue.

      Building on its successful DN-III, NovaSky develop the upgraded product—DN-III+. It is more portable with larger detection range, used for quick search of the survival life in the emergency scenes as earthquake disasters, landslides etc. It can be widely used in emergency rescue missions in the armed police, firefighting, earthquake relief and other special industries, which effectively improve aid quality and efficiency.

    Product Features:
    ▪ High real-time performance
    Detect and display the moving targets on real time
    ▪ Strong penetrability
    Able to detect all static targets in 10m entity ruins
    ▪ High sensitivities
    Able to detect all static body cardiopulmonary exercise
    ▪ High resolution
    With the capability of centimeter-grade position accuracy
    ▪ Strong adaptability to environment 
    Workable in all-weather like rain, haze, snow and ice, swirling dust
    ▪ Super professional support
    The unique detection equipment with remote export analysis system support, among the similar brand products at home and abroad



    Radar system

    UWB(ultra- wide band) radar

    Antenna type

    Enhanced medium-coupling UWB antenna

    Work Frequency


    Through-wall detection distance

    Wall thickness


    Detection distance

    Static targets:  ≥25m

    Moving targets: ≥30m

    Penetrated materials

    Non-metal materials like concrete, soil, rock and the material with low water content

    Detection angle


    Remote-control distance

    In open spaces: ≥ 100m

    Detection accuracy


    Detection Model

    One-dimensional ranging
    Two-dimensional positioning

    Work temperature



    Widely used in special fields like armed police, firefighting and earthquake relief etc.


    Dimension & weight


    Radar Host








    Durable work time