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SP100VF Perimeter Radar Video Surveillance

SP100VF Perimeter Radar Video Surveillance System

    SP100 Perimeter Intrusion Detection Radar would carry out the detection and pre-warning before the targets enters into the defense zone, and at the same determine the precise position of target by the measure of distance, velocity and angle of target. Combined the video analysis technique, it would double-check the targets and then determine if output the alarm or not.
    With the signal-level integration of phase array radar and intelligent video analysis, and benefiting from the active detection, high sensitivity of radar and the video data analysis, the system performance is greatly enhanced.

    Product features:
    ▪ Visible alarm
    It has video window module, to provide the video record of 5s before the alarm and the real-time video to verify it.
    ▪ Signal-level integration
    After radar detects the distance and velocity of targets, it would combine the data from video analysis to confirm the target information and output alarm.
    ▪ Filtering algorithm
    With the combination of intelligent video analysis and radar algorithm, it could filter the interference of small animals, birds and leaf.
    ▪ Alarm and track
    After the system detects the target, it would enable the video to track it and output alarm
    ▪ Alarm zones settable
    The alarm zones are settable flexibly (for both radar and video) in any arbitrational shape to exclude the specific area.

    Perimeter security and surveillance solutions
    ▪ in prison
    ▪ in airport
    ▪ in oil depot
    ▪ in military base
    ▪ nuclear power plant



    Radar system

    Radar type

    MIMO Electronic Scanning FMCW Radar

    Detection  modes

    Doppler moving targets detection ;

    slowly moving targets detection;

    rapidly running-across targets detection

    working frequency


    Optional working frequency channels


    Transmitting power


    Multiple radars networking

    Ethernet, CAN

    Embedded software

    Remote upgraded by Ethernet or CAN

    Detection performance

    Detection range

    Slowly moving targets


    3~7cm/s moving targets


    elbows and knees crawling targets


    walking targets


    >7cm/s moving targets


    rapid running cross targets


    The fastest moving speed for detection


    Numbers of tracked targets simultaneously


    Targets patterns

    Human beings/vehicles/animals/unknown

    Recognition rate


    False alarm rate


    Targets separation

    Target velocity difference: >20cm/s

    Targets spacing:  >2m

    Detection zone

    Detection range


    Horizontal electric scanning sector

    26 °(the scanning angle is controllable, to realize the division of cone shaped alarm zones with arbitrary size)

    Vertical lobe

    refresh rate of electric scanning


    Height of installation


    Targets output

    Data type

    Radar working status(background SNR/transmitting power/radar temperature/online status/continuous working period)

    Targets information( X/Y azimuth coordinate/ X/Y vector velocity/ targets ID/ target category/ targets reliability/ targets SNR/ radar cross section/ targets range profile/ polarization characteristics)

    Able to indicate the 3D(velocity, distance and angle) of targets, and continuously output the 3D information of targets, to realize the targets tracking and guidance

    Alarm linkage

    With Pelco dome camera tracking( need to be used cooperatively with management software)

    With video( need to be used cooperatively with management software)

    External interface


    Ethernet and CAN

    Dry contact(optional)



    Windows DLL and communication protocol documents

    Electric property

    Working voltage

    8~16V DC

    Power consumption


    Size & working environment





    Working temperature


    IP grade