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SP300WVF Wide Area Radar Video Surveillance System

SP300WVF Wide Area Radar Video Surveillance System

    SP300WVF is made up of wide area detection radar, high definition digital IR PTZ network camera and other connecting hardware and software interface. Radar would carry out target-detection in the protected area, once there is an intrusion, the camera will focus on the target. Meanwhile the system determines the precise target by distance, velocity and position. Combining the video analysis, the system would confirm the intrusion and then determine the alarm report.With the detection radar and intelligent video analysis, benefiting from the active detection, high sensitivity and video analysis, the system performance is greatly enhanced.

    Product Features:
    ▪ Alarm and track
    After the system detects the target, it would enable the video to track it and output alarm
    ▪ Visible alarm
    It has video window module, to provide the video record of 5s before the alarm and the real-time video to verify it.
    ▪ Signal-level integration
    After radar detects the distance and velocity of targets, it would combine the data from video analysis to confirm the target information and output alarm.
    ▪ Alarm zones settable
    The alarm zones are settable flexibly (for both radar and video) in any arbitrational shape to exclude the specific area.
    ▪ With a full coverage of defense area
    It adopts mmw phase array radar for area surveillance to form a detection area of 90°, 180°, 270° and 360°.
    ▪ Multi-targets tracking
    It could output the detailed position of targets, and track, record and replay the track of targets.

    It is widely applied for the security and protection in squares, ports, military bases and other critical open areas. 



    Radar system

    MIMO Electronic Scanning FMCW Radar

    Camera model


    HD laser infrared

    IP PTZ dome

    Maximum detection range 

    (for human target)

    (with no light)


    Maximum detection range  

    (for vehicle target)

    (with no light)


    Detection angle

    Azimuth: 90°

    Pitch:    20°

    working frequency


    Power consumption

    (excl. radar)

    70W  MAX


    Communication  interface

    (wireless communication optional)

    SC optical interface

    Recognition rate


    False alarm rate


    Working temperature


    IP grade


    Installation methods